Healing, Restoring of body, soul, and spirit

COMMUNITY PATHWAYS are LOCAL not GLOBAL and are PERMANENT not TEMPORARY fixtures in the NEIGHBORHOOD for healing and restoring.  PRAYER GROUP CONNECTIONS in the NEIGHBORHOOD is about being entrenched, fixed, established, firm, grounded, and deeply attached.  PRAYER GROUP CONNECTIONS shares in common with the hurt and agony of the community.  Every hospital has a chapel for prayer and one or more chaplains to serve the spiritual needs of the patients, doctors, and nurses.  Most are seeking and will welcome volunteers to share in the healing of the body, soul, and spirit while friends and family suffer with these challenges.  The tragedy of death needs those to soothe and assist in the hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, funeral homes, and cemeteries.  BUILDING KINGDOM COMMUNITIES RESTORES and HEALS in the COMMUNITY PATHWAYS of the NEIGHBORHOOD

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